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Kimchi refrigerator
Both drawers can be used to store kimchi, or one can be use to store and the other to mature. If maturing in both drawers, each could be control to change the taste of kimchi thanks to variable settings in front panel.

Our kimchi refrigerator bin has a special packing design and is made of natural jade, making preservation of kimchi longer and hygienically. It also has more space available to store more products that need maturing.
Conviniently design doors to reduce shock, it allows to open door softly and to close door slowly.
Strong Deodorizing Function

Deodorant placed on the right/left sides which can remove kimchi taste inside. Easy To Install

The national side-dish KIMCHI is consumed at least once a day by Koreans.  According to Mando Climate Control Corp, “More than 1 million kimchi refrigerators would be sold, exceeding the 920,000 expected sales of traditional refrigerators, said Yoon, (managing director and chief operating officer) who designed his company's kimchi refrigerator, called DIMCHAE.  Korea’s most important national side dish - kimchi for several thousand years, has been fermented and stored in Kimchi Pots.
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DIMCHAE Kimchi Refrigerator
LG 300 - GRJ303TG  
Our Price : $2,599.00

Dimchae Kimchi Refrigerator LS-A166DW
DIMCHAE Kimchi Refrigerator
Our Price : $1,549.99
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DIMCHAE Kimchi Refrigerator LS-A226TP
This refrigerator features a 5-way direct cooling system to keep kimchi, vegetables, fruit, dried fish, beverages
and rice stored at the optimal temperature. The Nano Pore Deodorizer system eliminates odors.

What's Included

   * Samsung 6.4 Cu. Ft. Kimchi Refrigerator
   * Owner's manual

Product Features

   * 6.4 cu. ft. capacity - Including 4.3 cu. ft. of dedicated kimchi storage provides plenty of space for  keeping food                    organized.
   * 5-way direct cooling system - Keeps kimchi, vegetables, fruit, dried fish, beverages and rice stored at a cool temp.
   * Fermentation levels for kimchi - Include 3 levels of fermentation for cabbage kimchi, 2 levels for radish kimchi and          2 levels for water kimchi. Fermentation time indicator.
   * Nano Pore Deodorizer system - Eliminates odors from stored food.
   * Convertible freezer storage - For storing food at temperatures as low as -0.4°.
   * Automatic No Frost function - Eliminates freezer burn and moisture buildup so food lasts longer.
   * Exterior color LED dual display - Allows you to easily monitor the settings.
   * Easy Clean gasket - Operates smoothly and doesn't require cleaning.
   * Child lock - Prevents unsupervised use.

Samsung - 6.4 Cu. Ft. Kimchi Refrigerator - Red
DIMCHAE Kimchi Refrigerator LG 300 - GRJ303TG
Our best Kimchi is part of our diet but shouldn't take over smell and taste of other stored foods. 

What to do? You get a kimchi refrigerator!

Positive, forced- air circulation system keeps kimchi fresh.

Both left and right drawers are used to store kimchi separately, and a positive, forced-air circulation system allows stream of cold air to flow around drawers. Hence the refrigerator is perfect for preserving food fresh for an extended period of time.

Stores and Matures Kimchi Simultaneously.
DIMCHAE & LG Kimchi Refrigerators
The recently introduced kimchi fridge is a separate appliance from the general-purpose fridge.  The kimchi fridge circulates the air and colder temperatures unlike the general-purpose counterpart.  For 2008, Kimchi refrigerators exceeded sales of the traditional refrigerators for the first time. According to Yoon, “60 percent of 15 million Korean households will own kimchi refrigerators in the next five years”. 

For Mando Climate Control, this year's sales of Kimchi fridges will reach 1 trillion won ($766 million).

So what’s the fuss all about and what does this refrigerator do that the industry standard does not?  Why not just store the stuff in a small countertop refrigerator like those used in college dorms?  Does the kimchi really need to be stored and matured separately from the regular stuff in the standard refrigerator?

For centuries, Koreans have used earthenware jars (Kimchi Pots) and yes, the standard refrigerator for keeping their kimchi fresh and maturing.  Storing the kimchi in a smaller countertop fridge only separates it from the refrigerated items in the standard fridge.  Such models are not cold enough and don’t apply the cooler temperatures as does the kimchi fridge.
Kimchi Refrigerator

LG Kimchi Flower Cube Design
Our Price: $1,249.00
The kimchi fridge is specifically designed to meet storage requirements of varied kimchi types, including temperature control and different fermentation processes. Unlike its kitchen counterpart, the kimchi refrigerator directly cools the aluminum interior.  The kimchi fridge has several times more aluminum alloyed with manganese and tin.  These features keep the kimchi fresher, crisper, and for longer periods.

Another effect not achieved with a standard refrigerator is, according to Yoon, the generation of 63 million lactobacilli creating the tastiest and freshest kimchi.   The aluminum interior also keeps kimchi fresh and ready to eat up to four months.
Shanghai Star. 2001-11-01

Sales are up and with over 60% of Korean households to have their own within five years, is it maybe time to get one of your own?
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DIMCHAE Kimchi Refrigerator LS-A226TP
Samsung - 47 Cu. Ft. Kimchi Refrigerator