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A site dedicated to Kimchi, Korean cuisine, travel, and culture.  Whether looking for a Kimchi recipe, the best Zojirushi rice cooker, or general information on Korean cooking, you'll love this site. 

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Chef Anthony Bourdain's commentary and visit to South Korea.
Interesting journey
for him.
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7th. generation Onggi potters to 
Adam Field of Colorado! He spent most of 2008 in Icheon, South Korea, studying traditional Korean pottery making techniques under 6th generation Onggi master Kim Il Mahn.

Commission your Onggi from 
Adam Field!

Watch the Onggi Potters
Photo by Claire Borlase
shin ramen ramyen black

The adventerous palette will be inspired & entertained! 
Zojirushi Platinum Rice Cooker
The presence of platinum makes the water become more alkaline, and this in turn helps the water penetrate the proteins of the surface of each rice grain. That means more water can react with the starch inside the rice grain, causing greater gelatinization and enhancing the natural sweetness of the rice.

Zojirushi has recently introduced the most exclusive rice cooker it has ever produced. 

The new NP-NVC10/18 features a Platinum infused inner cooking pan for sweeter tasting rice.
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Zojirushi Bento Lunch Jar
Adam Field Onggi Pottery
Updated July 2017