Kimchi - A Korean Health Food Kimchi - A Korean Health Food
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The Korean Cookbook Reviews
Kimchi - A Korean Health Food
   by Florence C. Lee & Helen C. Lee

Classic Kimchi
Kimchi Specials
Kimchi Variations
Combination Dishes
Evolution of Kimchi
Kimchi, A Good Health Food
Kimchi Ingredients
Kimchi Preparation
Kimchi Tradition

             And then the Kimchi Specials to include:

       Kimchi Variations and Combination Dishes:

Indian Roll Kimchi
Radish Leaf Kimchi
Wild Lettuce Kimchi
Radish and Seafood Kimchi
Slit-Cut Radish Kimchi
Cucumber Roll Kimchi
Oyster and Cabbage Kimchi
Spinach Kimchi
Cabbage Kimchi in Soy Sauce
Green Thread Onion Kimchi
Pollack and Radish Strip Kimchi
Bellflower Root Kimchi
Lanceolate Root Kimchi
Ginseng Kimchi
Seaweed Stem Kimchi
Dried Radish-Strips and Radish Leaf Kimchi
Sweet Potato Stem Kimchi

Kimchi Ramyun
Mushroom and Radish Kimchi
Rice and Kimchi
Fried Rice with Kimchi
Skewered Pork and Kimchi
Kimchi Pancakes
Skewered Beef and Kimchi

Burdock Root Kimchi
Fresh Instant Cabbage Kimchi
Nutty Salted Pollack Roe Kimchi
Salted Cod-Gut Kimchi
Sesame Leaf Kimchi
Pumpkin Kimchi
Sea Lettuce Kimchi
Wild Onion Kimchi
Wild Leek Kimchi
Radish and Octopus Kimchi
Oblique-Cut Radish Kimchi
Chili Pepper Leaf Kimchi
Green Chili Pepper Kimchi
Crunchy Scaly Radish Kimchi
Dried Squid amd Radish-Strip Kimchi
Radish Leaf and Garlic Kimchi
Sesame Roll Kimchi
Pickled Cucumbers
Pickled Radishes
Pickled Celery Cabbage
Dried Cabbage Leaf Stew
Peppery Hot Kimchi Stew
Buckwheat Noodles and Kimchi
Kimchi Mandu and Noodles
Varieties covered with complete recipes include:

Traditional Whole Cabbage Kimchi
Rich and Tangy Northern Cabbage Kimchi
Spicy and Rich Southern Cabbage Kimchi
Refreshingly Cool and Juicy White Kimchi
Exquisite and Nutritious Wrapped-Up Kimchi
Smoothingly Tasty Parboiled Radish Kimchi
Refreshingly Tangy Diced Radish and Oyster Kimchi
Peppery Hot Pony-Tail Kimchi
Chessoard-Like Radish Block Kimchi
Refreshingly Tasty Green Chili Pepper and Baby Radish Kimchi
Cool and Juicy Whole Radish Kimchi
Summer Time Young Radish Kimchi
All Seasonal Sliced Radish and Cabbage Kimchi
Cool and Crunchy Stuffed Cucumber Kimchi
If ever a book proved that big and great things can come in small packages, this is it!  The 64 page book on Kimchi is one of the most comprehensive guides to Korea's national side dish I've seen yet. - Randy Stewart
Bulgogi - Korean Style Barbecued Beef and Short Ribs

Evolution of Kimchi
Kimchi Ingredients and preparation
Kimchi Tradition

Product Details

   * Hardcover: 64 pages
   * Publisher: Hollym International Corporation (November 1, 2000)
   * Language: English
   * ISBN-10: 0930878590
   * ISBN-13: 978-0930878597
   * Product Dimensions: 10.2 x 7.4 x 0.4 inches

I have enjoyed this compilation of Kimchi information so much!  I've added this one to my short list of "comfort books" and recommend you get your copy now.

First published in 1988, I only recently obtained a copy and was delighted with the traditional and clear methods of preparation.  Each step-by-step recipe has a full page - full-color photo of the type of kimchi prepared. 
Each recipe has a brief description and history of the recipe, clear list of ingredients, preliminary preparation, and final preparation. 

The Kimchi specials are to die for!  Finally, the book tops all off with Kimchi variations and combination dishes along with Kimchi traditions. 

Highly recommended!