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Zojirushi Bento Thermal Lunch Canisters
My ultimate solution for taking my steamed rice, stews, and well-rounded  lunch away from home!  Zojrushi not only manufactures my rice cooker, but they've brought us the ultimate thermal lunch carrying canister ever!  Taking my favorite rice and stews to work was a nightmare of carefully stacked tupperware containers in a bag.  I now carry the same foods stacked safely in a thermal container that keeps food hot or cold for hours. 

Once stacked in the stainless steel jar, just grab the carrying strap and away you go.  For me, it's no more worrying about separate containers stacked in a bag while checking for spills or keeping warm.
One of the most versatile lunch boxes you'll ever come across, the Mr. Bento lunch jar comes with four different containers that allow you to pack a multi-course lunch of both hot and cold items easily and securely. The jar itself is made of stainless steel, is vacuum-insulated and houses three plastic containers with lids.

The large soup bowl comes with gasket-sealed lid to prevent messy spills and is specially insulated to keep soup hot. All pieces should be washed by hand with non-abrasive cleaning pads. Inner bowls are microwave-safe. A spork with its own protective cover attaches to the Mr. Bento lunch jar, and the jar itself has its own lid with lock and comes in a zippered carry bag with a strap for easy transport.
Zojirushi Classic Bento Stainless Steel
Vacuum Lunch Jar
by Zojirushi
Zojirushi Ms. Bento
Stainless-Steel Vacuum Lunch Jar
by Zojirushi
I recently purchased the Zojirushi Classic Bento Stanless Steel Lunch Jar.  Included on this page are photos I took of the various parts and containers. 
Packed my lunch on this Monday morning with a soup, steamed rice, and fruit salad.  I simply prepare the foods and fill the contianers while food is hot.  The Zojirushi Lunch Jar keeps foods warm or cold in the awesome air vacuum container.  I just love not having to worry about separate plastic containers in a bag tossing around and possibility of spills.  Cleaning the separate parts is perfectly easy.  I'll leave them out to air dry over night, pack it away, or use it for the next take away meal. 

Brilliant!  Thanks Zojirushi! 
The most competitive pricing on various Zojirushi Bento Lunch Jars are shown here.  They may seem a little pricey but well worth the convenience and ability to maintain temperatures.  Not to mention what we spend, over time, on plastic food containers.  Built to last like all Zojirushi products.  Smart and compact while storing a huge meal.  Just what I needed.