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South Korea’s capital and largest city is Seoul -- host of the Summer Olympics in 1988. Seoul was given its present name in 1945, and was chosen to be the capital of the Republic of Korea in 1948. The city was originally founded as Hansóng, in 1392, and became the capital of the Korean Joseon Dynasty -- until the Japanese took control of the country in 1910. The city was renamed Kyóngsóng the following year.

Capital: Seoul
Population: 48,289,000
Religions: Christianity, Buddhism
Government: Republic
Official / National Languages: Korean, English
Country Phone Code: +82
Map of South Korea
Flag of South Korea

Seasons in Korea are quite distinct! A wet monsoon/summer in the middle of the year and a very cold winter from November to March. Time your visit to South Korea for autumn (September to November). It's sunny, the skies are blue, and Korea's spectacular autumn foliage is a real draw.  

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Onward ticket visitors from almost anywhere (except Cuba, Laos and Cambodia) – can stay in country for 30 days without a visa. Visitors from Western Europe, Australia or New Zealand are allowed up to 90 days visa-free. Canadians receive a six-month permit and citizens of Italy and Portugal receive 60-day permits. Everyone else has to extend after they’re first 30 days.   
Visitors are allowed to import duty-free, Personal use, 1 liter of spirits, 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 250 grams of pipe tobacco, 100 grams of snuff, 100 grams of brick tobacco (or any combination of the above tobacco within 500 grams limit), 60 milliliters of perfume and gifts up to W300,000.

Watches,cameras, jewelry, precious metals, jewels, and furs that are not declared upon entry will be subject to tax upon departure. Departure tax is W8,000 per person.
Crafts, sculptures, paintings, etc. must be evaluated by the Art and Antiques Assessment Office in Kimpo, Tel. +82 (2) 662-0106, or Tel. +82 (2) 664-8997, before you leave. Items considered to be of cultural value will be retained by South Korea.  

Basic unit of currency is the won (W). Notes are available in denominations of W1,000, 5,000 and 10,000, and coins are denominated as follows: W10, 50, 100 and 500.
Don't tip, it’s often considered degrading (the service charge is generally included in the bill), but do give a slight bow and say thank you. Hotel porters, however, customarily receive a bit of change, as do taxi drivers-but only if they assist with the luggage 

Throughout the country, call 112 for police and 119 for the fire department or to summon an ambulance.

Dialling Codes
The international telephone access code is 82. The area code for Seoul is 02, for Pusan 051, for Kwangju 062, and for Taejon 042. Omit the 0 if calling from abroad. To place an outgoing direct-dialed international call, dial 001 or 002 plus the country code and number. To reach an international operator, dial 0077, and for local directory assistance, dial 114. 

Seoul (SEL) Incheon International Airport (ICN) (website: is located 40km (25 miles) west of Seoul on Yongion.
Busan (PUS) (Kimhae) is 27km (17 miles) from Busan (in the far south). The airport receives flights from Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo.
Jeju (CJU) (Jeju), located on the island of Jeju, is 4km (2.5 miles) from the town centre. To/from the airport: 

Travel Times
Approximate flight times:
From Seoul to London is 11 hours; add one hour if flying to any other main European city. From Seoul to New York is 13 hours 30 minutes. From Seoul to Los Angeles is 10 hours 30 minutes. From Seoul to Sydney is 10 hours 30 minutes. 

Embassies in Korea:
Listing of foreign diplomatic missions in Korea.

Korea Infogate:
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