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Korean-born actress/model Marja Vongerichten and husband three-star Michelin chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten host the PBS production “The Kimchi Chronicles.” A 13-part series airing summer 2011, explores Korean cuisine with visits throughout the country’s restaurants and home kitchens.  

From NY Times:
Ms. Vongerichten was born to a Korean mother and an American soldier. She had no birth certificate until 1979, when at age 3 a couple in northern Virginia adopted her and changed her name from Brenda Bae to Marja. She grew up eating barbecue and typical American food (burgers, tater tots and fish sticks).

At 19, she reunited with her mother, who married an American and eventually settled in Brooklyn.  “I always had memories of my mother and time in Korea,” said Ms. Vongerichten. “It felt like it was a dream, but I was able to confirm it later.”

Korean food played a major role. Ms. Vongerichten recalls her mother cooking bulgogi and rice when they reunited. The familiar flavors triggered childhood memories of tasting the same food before.  Back home in New York, the Vongerichtens keep their refrigerator stocked with kimchi while Ms. Vongerichten perfects the 100 recipes in her cookbook. She says her husband is a fan of a simple pancake she makes with mung beans and water that’s often mixed with some pork and sometimes cheese (a dollop of crème fraîche or caviar also pairs well, she insists).
The Kimchi Chronicles
Marja The Kimchi Chronicles
The Kimchi Chronicles
Ms. Vongerichten’s confidence in the kitchen has grown in the last year, and so has her mastery of Korean dishes. At Mr. Vongerichten’s New York restaurants, the staff often requests her dishes.

“Food really tells the story,” said Ms. Vongerichten, who arrived in Korea earlier last week to tape the remaining episodes of the show.
“I hope when people watch this show that they walk away with the same interest,” Ms. Vongerichten added. “Let’s all be family and not so foreign.” 

The companion cookbook,  The Kimchi Chronicles  offers real world and practical recipes to duplicate the culinary masterpieces in your own kitchen.  Chef Vongerichten also offers creative ideas for incorporating the Kimchi flavors into many dishes.

The adventurous palette will be inspired and entertained with ‘The Kimchi Chronicles’ premiering in New York in early May and airing nationwide July 2011 on PBS. - NY Times
The Kimchi Chronicles
All 13 half-hour episodes plus exclusive bonus footage as well as brand new recipes not featured on the website. Bonus footage includes deleted scenes and fun clips not shown on TV!

[ DISC 1 : Episodes 1~7]

1.The Kimchi Chronicles Begin
2.The Rice Chronicles
3.The Jeju Chronicles
4.The Seafood Chronicles
5.The Bean Chronicles
6.The Beef Chronicles
7.The Fish Chronicles

[ DISC 2 : Episodes 8~13 & Extras ]

8.The Seoul Food Chronicles
9.The Chicken Chronicles
10.The Noodle and Dumpling Chronicles
11.The Pork Chronicles
12.The Street Food Chronicles
13.The Kimchi Chronicles Conclude Extras

Join chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his Korean-born wife Marge, on KIMCHI CHRONICLES - part travelogue, part food fantasy and part documentary of self-discovery.

Come with them as they explore and celebrate a cuisine and a culture committed to the age-old practice of taking something ordinary and making it extroadinary.

Product Details:

Actors: Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Marja Vongerichten, Hugh Jackman, Heather Graham
Directors: Chalres Pinsky
Format: Box set, Color, Dolby, NTSC, Widescreen
   Language: English
   Subtitles: English
   Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only.)
   Rated: NR (Not Rated)
   Studio: Frappe
   Run Time: 350 minutes
Kimchi Chronicles DVD - 13 Episodes