Sweet and Crispy Chicken - Dak Kang Jung Sweet and Crispy Chicken - Dak Kang Jung
Crispy Sweet Chicken - (Dak Kang Jung)
Recipe by Maangchi
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You can find another sauce recipe for this dish within 'sauces' section of this site. 

No matter what portions the chicken are cut into and served, combined with the right sauce, it's a dish you'll come back to again and again!

Read more about Maangchi and remember she is published with both books and DVD's that guide you step by step.
Maangchi never fails to amaze me with her simple and practical approach to teaching us the classics in Korean cooking.

One of my first treats in good Korean food was a crispy sweet chicken.  The first version of the recipe that I had was a boneless chicken but it can be served bone in or out. 

What makes this chicken dish so great is the sauce and method taught here by Maangchi.