Korean Potato side dishes Potato side dishes
Potato side dishes (Gamja chae bokkeum and Gamja jorim)
by Maangchi
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Learn more about Maangchi' cooking and her great contributions to traditional Korean cooking made easy.  She has done a great job in putting her cookbooks together for those of us who love traditional Korean dishes. She's published her books and DVD's with easy to follow steps which I highly recommend. 

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Korean potato side dish
Among the Banchan (side dishes) such as kimchi, fried anchovy, eggplant, fish cakes etc., is commonly found the potato side dish. 

Here, Maangchi shares her recipe for two varieties to include Gamja chae bokkeum and Gamja jorim (spicy).   Whether your banchan consists of three or twelve portions, you're sure to find the potato among them.