Korean BBQ Kalbi #2 Korean BBQ Kalbi #2
Recipe #2 Korean BBQ - Kalbi
by Kathleen Lynch (How to butterfly ribs)

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Several Korean BBQ recipes, like this one, are commonly cooked at outdoor picnics on small gas grills.  The same gas grills are often used at home as well. 
Korean BBQ Kalbi
If there is one Korean dish that even the most outspoken opponents of Korean cuisine like, it's the Korean BBQ recipes. Like many Korean dishes, they often call for quite a few ingredients but once you commonly stock your kitchen with them it becomes a quick and fun way to serve beef, pork, or short ribs.   

Kathleen Lynch was born in Seoul, Korea. She has spent countless hours by her mother's side, helping her with the homestyle recipes she shares with us here.

Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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