Cold Cucumber Soup (Oi naengguk) Cold Cucumber Soup (Oi naengguk)
Cold cucumber soup - Oi naengguk - by Maangchi
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Maangchi mentions that this is one of her favorite cold soup recipes and it happends to be the most commonly available cold soup I was served while in Korea. 

Again, they all had slight variations but were such good and welcome additions to a hot and spicy course of dishes.

Thank you Maangchi.  Read more about her and arm yourself with her published books and DVD's!

We know the Korean stews to usually be hot and spicy like my favorites Kimchi stew and Juk Gae Chang. These stews can be served year round but one that is normally served in the Summer will peak your appetite during those hot days.

I think there may be as many varieties of Korean cold soups as there are kimchi!  That's a lot my friend.  This one is called Oi naengguk or cold cucumber soup and the flavor, for such a easily prepared recipe, is a whopper of flavorful summer time relief.