Cabbage and Soy Bean Soup Cabbage and Soy Bean Soup
Cabbage and soy bean paste soup
("baechu doenjang guk") by Maangchi
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I am so excited that Maangchi took the time to assemble and share this recipe for us to enjoy.  As you can see, the ingredients and preparation are simple and quick. 

If you are serving this up during winter months, imagine what an aromatic and warm dish this can be when accompanied by your favorite white rice and side dishes to include kimchi!

Maangchi has published her books and DVDs! 
Read more about Maangchi and maybe treat yourself to her materials for traditional korean dishes.

Kimchi On!
In her blog, Maangchi explains why she uses a bit of flour in this recipe.  As a child, she shares a story about her grandmother using the milky water produced when washing rice.  She saved the water for this soup.  Living next door to a close neighbor who ran her own restaurant, she noticed she added that bit of flour to the recipe.  Maangchi adopted the recipe and shares it here with us.

For me personally, the recipe produced the very dish I had when in Korea.  I can't justify with words how wonderful the aroma and taste of this dish really is!

Maangchi is at it again with a Korean favorite - cabbage & soy bean soup!

I especially love this dish during winter months.  From the cooking aroma to the last delicious spoonful, you will love this recipe!