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Maangchi and her cookbooks - The Real Deal !
Few recipes have made it onto this site as they didn't compare to my initial introduction, while in Korea, to the "the real deal".  I've  had the best of Korean food from street vendors, village shops, and even spent weekends learning from monks in US Army "off limits" territories.  The lessons were simple as they first had me eat the dish and then walked me through it's preparation.

Even bona fide Korean Kimchi has a smell and taste as it progresses in it's fermentation.  But the initial fresh product MUST look, smell, and taste a certain way to be, as I call it, "The Real Deal"....

I maintained a "spoiled" palette for certain Korean dishes when I returned to the US.  My fertile mind still fresh with the smell and taste of specific dishes that made me very happy.  I craved it and so the search for the right Korean restaurants began.  Some were good and others didn't come close - too Americanized.  Gotta hate that. I decided, with the marginal quality, to make my own.  I would make it just as I had it when in Korea.  

Sixteen years later,  several years of practice with recipes, I have my satisfaction ala the best Kimchi and Korean dishes made with ingredients from the right local vendors and my cooking.  Combining all the right ingredients, using the right recipes, I enjoy these meals when I like.  

Of the cookbooks that I've tried and tested, currently TWO are at the top of my list.  One is  COOKING KOREAN FOOD WITH MAANGCHI.
From Maangchi's site:

I recommend you get my cook book and DVD together, which is a kind of set. Originally I was going to sell them together, but I found out that it's impossible because the company that makes the DVD and the company that make the the cookbook are completely different. Maybe someday I will be able to make a package deal, but for now you have to buy them separately.

When you choose a Korean dish to make for your dinner, you can watch the DVD through your TV, and read this cookbook at the same time. You won't miss any information.

I'm making these things available because people asked for them. When I first started all this, I just made videos for YouTube. Sooner or later some people asked for more detailed and written recipes, so I made as blog. Then some people said they wanted a physical cookbook and DVD.

Maangchi has a recent discussion with a visitor regarding one of my favorite recipes.  The question is "Which part of pork I can use for Jeyookbokum".  An interesting idea! So I made them.

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To date, this site has been up for a couple of years now and never mentioned Maangchi until today Oct. 12, 2008.

I do this as her work was brought to my attention by a member at a cooking discussion forum regarding  a visitor's questionable recipe submission regarding Bulgogi.  It is the best I've ever had and easily made at home.   It's too close to Maangchi's recipe! 

I've decided to dedicate an entire section, here at this site, to Maangchi's work and dedication to bringing us authentic Korean recipes.  The very recipes and food that take me into a time warp back to Korea where I was served "The Real Deal". 


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Maangchi at work in her own kitchen and offering her authentic Korean recipes.
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Maangchi is giving away copies of her lastest cookbook!  Seven lucky winners to receive their signed copy of traditional Korean classics.  Visit her site at to enter contest.  All she's asking for is a few words of hello.  For those of us her know her, such words come easy.  

If you're new to her cooking, just introduce yourself and let her know you look forward to trying her beautiful recipes.