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Kimchi Record ! - Just 143 Tons.....

On Thursday Nov. 20, 2008, thousands of volunteers donned their aprons, hairnets, and gloves to gather outside Seoul’s City Hall. The intent behind the festive gathering was a bid to make the world’s largest batch of Kimchi.

The annual event sponsored by Korea Yakult Co. (yogurt drink producer) welcomed some 2,200 volunteers with 58,000 heads of cabbage for the undertaking. The finished Kimchi will be delivered to 13,000 needy households throughout Seoul.

Kimchi  Kimjang Festival Seoul Korea
Kimchi  Kimjang Festival Seoul Korea
Kimchi  Kimjang Festival Seoul Korea
Kimchi  Kimjang Festival Seoul Korea
Although Guiness has no category for Kimchi making, organizers received official certification that the Seoul "Kimjang" was S.Korea's biggest !

Yes, that middle photo to the right shows the rows and rows of over 2,000 volunteers making the Kimchi for needy families.
All photos by Chung Sung
According to Associated Press:

“South Koreans gobbled up more than 1.3 million tons of kimchi in 2005, the latest year for which figures are available, according to the Agriculture Ministry. These days, however, many people buy their kimchi at the supermarket.

Kimchi-making is not a category in the Guinness World Records, but the event’s organizers said they received certification that the Seoul “kimjang” — one of six held at city halls across the country — was South Korea’s biggest.”
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Kimchi  Kimjang Festival Seoul Korea