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Kimchi Museum
Entrance to the Kim Chi Museum
photo by: K. M. Lawson
Kimchi Museum
Youtube member deck2233 has dozens of fantastic videos of South Korea.  One of his splendid compilations is the Kimchi Field Museum!
You can view all of his videos here. Enjoy.

The museum showcases the history of Kimch and exhibits many ingredients and kimchi recipes. Other displays explain Kimchi's health benefits and models of fermentation proceses. Media rooms educate, those interested in kimchi, on computers with videos on Korea's national staple food.

For the real fanatic, the Kimchi field room offers classes on making Kimchi.

The museum is divided into three different sections.

The first part of the museum concentrates on kimchi’s history. In the first section, “The Exhibition of Ancient Books about Kimchi History,” visitors can see the old publications relevant to kimchi history.
Via the detailed timeline, visitors learn the long history of KImchi in Korea.

The second wing of the Kimchi Field Museum features the varied processes of kimchi making.  There you'll find short films and audio on the subject.  The walls are covered in illustrations and recipes.

A couple of areas offer the opportunity to take pictures of kimchi.  It is in these areas that one learns more about the health benefits of kimchi

The data room makes up the final section of the museum. Both ancient and current publications on kimchi and Korean foods in general.

The Kimchi Field Museum in Seoul, Korea is a museum whose mission, since 1986, is promoting and educating visitors about Kimchi. The small museum is located inside the COEX shopping mall. 

Originally established in 1986 by Pulmuone Inc., one of the largest food production companies in Korea, in Pil-dong, Jung-gu. In 1988, the museum was moved to the COEX (Convention and Exhibition Center) to promote Kimchi and it's rich history.

In 2000, the museum was renovated to extend the museum area and improve its facilities for visitors in anticipation of the third Europe-Asia Meeting in Seoul.
Video of Kimchi Field Museum
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Youtube member qiranger posted this FANTASTIC video shoot of the Korean COEX Kimchi Museum ! All about the National side dish and Korean food! I messaged him to tell him what a great job he did and thank him for sharing his work with the world! Whoa!  You can find him at his website or his YouTube Page Here
Korean COEX Kimchi Field Museum