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Kimchi Cutter Storage Box

If you purchase your Kimchi whole, a kimchi cutter provides storage and easy cutting of portions.  This storage cutter easily holds one medium to large head of Nappa cabbage.  With the accompanying cutter I easily sliced the right portion from the whole cabbage and onto the plate.  I was pleased at the convenience and clean cut portions I pulled from the container.  Not a bad idea!

For those making their own Kimchi or purchasing cut Kimchi, freshness while fermenting is made easy with good seal tight containers. I've tried everything from screw top lid containers to all generation of Tupperware like containers.  The ultimate and current solution for me is the Lock & Lock style containers with four locking side latches.

The lip has a removable silicone gasket seal!  The seal is a removable ring which makes contact with the lid and locks freshness in when the four latches are locked in place.  I love this feature while my stored Kimchi ferments. Air and water tight.   Dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe.

Kimchi cutter and storage container
Kimchi Lock & Lock food containers and Kimchi cutter storage container.

For those of us fortunate enough to have a constant supply of Kimchi at home, proper storage for fermentation and food odor control is very important.  Our heavenly pungent Kimchi smell can permeate other foods if not properly stored!  Some like to keep the Kimchi in plastic bags which are stored in seal tight containers.  I like to empty the jars into a medium square lock & lock container which keeps the food for a long time while keeping the Kimchi smell under control!
Plastic Lock & Lock Food Containers

While some may consider the containers to be a great way to organize the refrigerator, it's the Kimchi connoseur that appreciates it's safe and fresh maintaining features. The 100% silicone sealing gasket ring works to keep your Kimchi fresh and secure. With our Kimchi being so pungent, it's important to prevent spills or leaking from containers.  I once had to clean my refrigerator following a Kimchi juice leak from a broken container.  Every try to remove that Kimchi smell?  Nearly impossible. 

Needing better storage to maintain freshness and keep the food secure, I've found the ultimate solution in the four latch systems of LOCK & LOCK and KINETIC food storage containers!  Some of these I'm going on my third year of use and still going strong.  A real lasting and serving bargain considering the price. 

Kimchi Lock & Lock Food Containers
Glass Lock & Lock Food Containers
Product Features

Micro-particles of antimicrobial silver are infused into the polyproylene to protect the containers against mold, fungus and other microorganisms.
Pateneted 100% silicone gasket locking system and impermeable polypropylene containers keep out oxidizing
Spillproof and shatterproof - Watertight - Airtight - Leakproof - BPA-free - Containers stack and nest.
Dishwasher,Microwave,and freezer-safe.  Durable polypropylene construction; clear bases allow for better visibility of inside contents
Lids with 4-hinge locking system