Kimchi burgers and tacos Kimchi-Burgers-and-Tacos
Kimchi Fusion Recipes  Mixing the burgers, tacos, and why not......Kimchi !
I love to browse the web for anything Kimchi related.  Much of what I come across and link to are traditional recipes and ideas for preparing Kimchi and Korean dishes.  Recently I came across a couple who kick it up a bit by combining Tacos and Burgers with Kimchi.  Now I've heard of Kimchi in burgers but never Tacos!  I immediately knew it would be a winner as Kimchi goes well with any Beef and I'm quite familiar with Tacos. 

On June 04, 2009 I received a e-mail from Gina (CEO of Morning Star Pacific Consulting) - a Korean/English translation and consultation firm.  In her e-mail she included links to her youtube videos of her husband sharing their Kimchi fusion recipes. 

The first video is the Taco and Kimchi recipe and the second is Kimchi and Burgers.  Yum!  I particularly liked their approach to grilling the Kimchi alongside the burgers - very nice!

Enjoy the videos as they are mouth-watering and with very clear and easy to follow instructions.

Thank You Gina!
Try these recipes and enjoy your current long-standing foods combined with a three thousand year old Koran side dish.  Again, thanks to Gina and her husband for sharing the great ideas and putting together these great videos. 

Kimchi On!

Randy Stewart
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Let the fusion begin.....