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For the last couple of years, whenever I did a Google search for 'kimchi recipes' results always returned well over 150,000 relevant results.  That would be a few thousand more pages and recipes than most have willingness and time to experiment with. 

Luckily for me, I had the 'real deal' in Kimchi when stationed there and ate it from the DMZ to Seoul.  I also learned to make it using traditional ingredients and methods.   Over the last couple of years, I've tried many online recipes armed with my culinary experience in Korea.  After many 'good' and some 'great' recipes, I one day came across a wonderful gal named Maangchi.  

Maangchi has done such a great job at bringing us bona fide traditional flavors in Korean cooking.  She has also published a book and DVD which is a must have for anyone serious about, what I like to call, 'The Real Deal' in Korean cooking! 

Why do I begin this recipe section with mention of Maangchi?  Well, last year I cleared out several Kimchi recipes that fell short of the traditional flavors offered by Maangchi's online tutorial.  In fact, I mention her recipes throughout this site and have highly recommended her book/DVD while having no affiliation with her.  Just giving credit where credit is due.  Many sites like this one proudly and gratefully mention her work as she has published easy to follow recipes that create the traditional and true flavors of Korean cooking. 

Simply put, since trying her recipes and methods, all others fell short of those flavors I left behind in Korea!  In seeking to publish the most accurate information, I'm left with just one choice - remove previous recipes and suggest Maangchi's approach.  I am so grateful for Maangchi's hard work, dedication, and willingness to share her knowledge of Korean cooking with the world.  Thank you!

Maangchi shows us step-by-step how to make traditional Nappa cabbage Kimchi.
Maangchi is the authority on Kimchi making and teaches you how to make other types of Kimchi to include:

Cucumber Kimchi (Oisobagi Kimchi)
Radish water Kimchi
Kimchi Stew & Bean Sprouts
Yeolmu Kimchi

Learn more about Maangchi and her Book/DVD.

Learn more about Maangchi, check out  her books and DVD, and then visit her official site via my page dedicated to her great work. Read more about her here.

Thank you Maangchi!  Keep up the great work.
Books on Kimchi, Kimchi, and,
you guessed it, more Kimchi.
Maangchi Cookbook
Maangchi Cookbook