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Granny Choe Annual Kimchi
Art Contest winner announced!
From Granny Choe's site: More about the Kimchi!

"We are pleased to present to you the winner of Granny Choe’s Stinky Stuff Art Contest: Mr. James Gulliver Hancock. We aren’t authorities on art or anything… we chose it simply because we like how funky and fun it is (and really, isn’t that reason enough?). Here’s what James wrote about his entry:

Hi there my name is James Gulliver Hancock and my friend Jessica went to the Machine Project Kimchi event. We both love the astonishing stinky flavour of kimchi and I did this drawing in homage to that. The jar and the recipe she brought back from the event inspired this drawing.

You might have noticed from his spelling of “flavour” that Mr. Hancock is not from around these parts. As we have learned, he is an international award-winning artist with a client list that makes hipsters swoon (Nylon Magazine, Herman Miller furniture, and Simon & Schuster Publishers are just a few). You can check out some of his other artwork on his homepage, and if you (unlike us) are cool enough to have an iPhone, you can even get an iPhone cover with one of his gorgeous illustrations on it (this one appears to be of a kraken threatening a pirate ship)."

Every wonder how Kimchi is made?  Those who do make it can attest to the hard work involved.  Here is rare footage of the complex recipe in action!