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Beginning in January 2010, www.LoveThatKimchi.com is affiliated with Ebay.com bringing collectors current art pieces up for bid or sale at the world's largest auction site -  EBAY.

When I launched this site I envisioned a site where like-minded visitors would exchange information on cooking and culture related topics.  While developing this site over the last two years, I've noticed there weren't many purveyors or dealers of Korean arts online.  With the small availability, I've added Ebay's current auction for sale listing of Korean arts. 

This initial intent has now grown to include product reviews, affiliated product links, video, and now, a partnership with Ebay.com offering real-time auctions and sales of Korean arts.  Recently added sections include Korean celadon, Jade, Mother of Pearl, and Paintings of varied subjects and styles. 
Sumi-e Art Supplies
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Asian Hand Painted Glass Ornaments

Using very narrow brushes inserted through the neck of each ornament, skilled artisans are able to paint elaborate designs on the inside.