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Required Documents for teaching English in Korea
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Valid Passport

You must have a valid passport from one of the following countries: US, CA, UK, IR, AS, NZ, SA
Your passport must have 6 months, minimum, remaining on the expiry date. Clearing Korean customs is not possible without this requirement.  You will need at least 1 free/blank passport page.

Bachelors Degree or Greater (Must come from an accredited university)

  • You must have the hardcopy of your degree/diploma available.
  • Diplomas must be notarized and authenticated for use in South Korea. Your Gone2Korea representative will provide you with the proper notarization procedures specific to your nationality.

  • Recent graduates who have not yet received their diploma may present a ‘diploma alternative’. Please speak with a G2K representative for more details.

Officially Sealed Transcripts

  • 2 sets are required for jobs in the private sector and 3 sets are required for jobs in the public sector.
  • Complete academic transcripts are required. If you attended more than one university to receive your degree, then you will NEED to secure transcripts from each university.
  • If your transcripts are not sealed properly then immigration will reject your application. Make sure your school seals your transcripts as requested by Korean Immigration.
         Gone2Korea recommends ordering extra sets of sealed transcripts when possible (having 4-5 sets in                           total is recommended if possible)

Criminal Background Check

  • Background checks may also be referred to as: Criminal History Reports, Vulnerable Sector Screenings, CPIC Searches, Subject Access Forms, Criminal Background Searches, Criminal Clearance Letters, other.
  • All nationalities (excluding Canadians) must secure an Apostille Certificate for their checks; visit our ESL teacher resources page for more information on apostille offices. Canadian teachers must secure a verification stamp from the Korean consulate in their jurisdiction.

Official Passport Photos

  • 6 passport photos will be required in total. 3 photos will be sent to Korean Immigration, 1 will be offered to the Korean consulate and 2 will be required for your health examination in Korea. All photos should be the same shot, ie duplicates of the same photo, official passport size and in full color.
  • Photos can be the official size specific to your nationality; they do not need to be official Korean size passport photos.

Reference Letter (Public Sector Only)

  • Reference letters are only required for jobs in the public school sector. Those applying for private school positions do not require a reference letter unless the school requests it.
  • Reference letters for public school jobs must come from an academic or professional source only (former professor or employer). The letter must be sealed in an envelope and it needs to include the person’s name, status, address, contact number and an ink signature.



From Gone2Korea:

Document Requirements for Teaching English in Korea
Don’t wait to secure your documents! If you’re serious about teaching English in Korea then please start making preparations to secure your documents as soon as possible. The documents that are required for teaching in Korea are Korean Immigration requirements and not our actual companies. Meaning, even if you choose to accept a job through a different ESL recruiting company or agent, you will still be required to submit the same documentation for visa related purposes.
Note: You can apply to Gone2Korea before you have all your required documents in your possession; however, they will need to know when you can expect to receive each document before we’re able to proceed with the job application process.

Note: The document requirements listed below contain basic information only. Gone2Korea has numerous documents on file specific to each of the 7 nationalities that are eligible for teaching visas. Once your application has been received your Gone2Korea representative will send you an email which outlines the various steps and procedures needed to secure the various documents.

The document will include vital information that pertains to your nationality, informative links, contact numbers and generic explanations specific to your nationality.
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