Rice Cake Dumpling Soup Rice Cake Dumpling Soup
Rice Cake Dumpling Soup
by CrazyKoreanCooking.com
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As seen in the video and above photo, top off the soup with the sliced egg whites and yolk, cut strips of nori seaweed (without salt), and sliced chili peppers as I like to add.
Rice Cake Dumpling Soup
Although served year round, this is one of the celebratory dishes served for the New Year.  Whether you celebrate the solar or lunar New Year, this combination of rice cakes, dumplings, egg whites and yolks, anchovie stock, and seaweed makes a great soup!

The ever celebrating and fun gals at crazycooking.com share their recipe for this dish. 

I always keep the rice cakes and dumplings on hand so when the mood strikes me, away we go!