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This is one of several approaches and recipes for Kimchi Fried Rice.
I suggest you add whatever else makes you happy but when in a hurry, I pretty much make it this way and top off with hot sauce - specifically my favorite Gochuchang although meant for Bibimbap.. 

Just as with Kimchi Chigae (stew) you can serve up this dish whenever your batch of Kimchi is running low and before buying another fresh batch.  The slightly sour taste of the kimchi helps a great deal with the final flavor.

You can try this recipe or that of Maangchi and a few others to come and enjoy this hearty Korean rice dish. 

Kimchi On!
Kimchi Fried Rice
Our wonderful gals  Grace and Stephanie of share their kitchen to show us their easy and delicious preparation of Kimchi Fried Rice - A classic Korean dish.

Grace and Stephanie, in Canada, have posted some very informative and humorous video clips that teach Korean cooking.  Unlike some of the more traditional approaches to teaching online, the girls add their wacky ways about them while cooking up some traditional and popular Korean dishes.  Cany ya tell they're having fun!