Bonsai Soil and Potting Bonsai Soil and Potting
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Potting Medium
Considered by many to be the ideal potting medium can be used on its own or as part of a mixture to make the pefect combination of drainage, water retention and air circulation that will promote a healthy root ball.
  • Provides the perfect ratio of air and water 
  • Has a neutral PH: Ph 6-5-9
  • Retains the perfect amount of water

Because of it's volcanic origin it contains high amounts of natural minerals.

Indicates that watering is required when the colour changes from reddish brown to yellow.

Used for all kinds of bonsai trees. Mix with other bonsai soils or use by itself. Flashed fired soft volcanic clay.
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2" base with 3" scoop, 6.5" tall
1.5" base with 2.5" scoop, 6.5" tall
1.5" base with 1.75" scoop, 6.25" tall
Heavy duty pastic imported from Japan
Frame measures 7.0" long
& Base diam. measure 1.5", 1.75" & 2.0"
Polished stainless steel imported from Japan